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Your Gonna Be
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Ever since Lily was a baby she has always been a fan of singing and music. She isn’t even very picky about what is playing… she is just happy to have music on. Anything from country to pop to oldies to rock to jazz… anything. Sometimes I am amazed when I turn on the radio that she knows so many lyrics to so many songs. She can sing along to anything from Lady Gaga’s Poker Face to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and everything in between. If I hand her my iPhone when we are in the car she plugs it in and plays songs from iTunes. I always know as she plugs it in she is going to play one of two songs first. She will either play Saturday In The Park by Chicago or Your Gonna Be by Reba McEntire.

She has learned about Reba McEntire from me because I absolutely adore Reba. The album I have on my phone is Reba #1’s which was released in 2005 celebrating her 33 years in the industry. We can sing along to pretty much every song and skip past very few. When I was first introducing Lily to her music I told her that Your Gonna Be always reminds me of her. Now when she turns on the song she always says “I’m gonna play our song Mom”.

Here is a link to Your Gonna Be.

And the lyrics.

Your Gonna Be (Loved By Me)

6lbs and 9oz. lookin’ up at me
Like I have all the answers
I hope I have the ones you need
I’ve never really done this, now I know what scared is

Sometimes I’ll protect you from everything that’s wrong
Other times I’ll let you just find out on your own
But that’s when you’ll be growin’,
And the whole time I’ll be knowin

You’re gonna fly with every dream you chase
You’re gonna cry, but know that that’s okay
Sometimes life’s not fair, but if you hang in there
You’re gonna see that sometimes bad is good
We just have to believe things work out like they should
Life has no guarantees, but always loved by me
You’re gonna be

I’m afraid you’ll have to suffer through
some of my mistakes
Lord knows I’ll be trying to give you what it takes
What it takes to know the difference
Between getting by and livin’

‘Cause anything worth doing is worth doing all the way
Just know you’ll have to live with all
the choices that you make
So make sure you’re always givin’ way
more than you’re takin’


Someone’s everything
You’re gonna see
Just what you are to me

You’re gonna fly with every dream you chase
We just have to believe things work out like they should
Life has no guarantees, but always loved by me
You’re gonna be
Always loved by me

And since I didn’t have a blog back then here are some pictures of Lily when she was younger.



2 Comments to “Your Gonna Be”

  1. Vanessa says:

    LOVE this post. Lily is such a beauty! Never heard that song before tonight but whenever I hear Reba – I always think of you

  2. Daisy says:

    Reba was Lily’s first (and only) concert. We went back in Feb 2011.

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