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Water, Water & Water

Today was a super busy day and I used more than my normal share of water. This might not be a good thing considering the city announced this week that we are now in stage 2 water/drought restrictions. To read more about the water in San Antonio CLICK HERE.

First I hosed down the inside of the garbage can. This is the first time I have ever done that and after I was done I decided this is definitely a mans job. Next time JP will be doing it.

Then I grabbed a bucket and some laundry detergent to wash the pool furniture. This was not an easy task!

And I removed and hosed down the pool filter. I am always amazed by how much stuff comes out of it.

Then it was time to do something about the hot tub. The water was looking a little murky and it has a lot of leaves and other crap in it. I decided the best thing to do is to drain it and start over.

Unlike a bathtub a hot tub is not easy to drain. You can’t just simply pull a plug… I think they need to redesign it. So I had to go out in the garage and grab the sump pump. There is probably about 200 gallons of water that needed somewhere to go. Instead of flooding out my neighbors I pulled the hose up the hill a little to let it run into our grass. As the water was pumping out you could see worms coming out of the grass… I guess the water was a little warm for them.

The sump pump doesn’t get all of the water so I had to get the last little bit by using a towel and ringing it out over the edge of the hot tub. Look at all this stuff in the bottom.

As soon as most of the water was gone I scrubbed down every inch of it with hot tub soap. Look how sparkly clean it is!

Then it was time to fill-er up.


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  1. Rich says:

    I do have a plug to pull to drain ours. But that takes a long time so I also use the sump pump to pump most of the water out then drain the rest with the plug. It should be located where you service the pumps for the hot tub.

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