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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
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On Friday a couple hours before I was suppose to go play softball I felt like I had a little bit of heartburn. I took some Tums thinking it would go away. As I drove to the field it got worse and worse instead of feeling better. When I got to the field I told my captain that I was in too much pain to play so I headed back home. Once I got back home I just wanted to curl up into a little ball. JP ran to the store and bought Pepto and some gas pills. After taking those and getting no relief we dropped Lily off at the neighbors and headed to the Texas Med Clinic. I told the guys at the clinic about my pain and they said it was probably just severe heartburn. They gave me what they call a GI Cocktail and said it should start working within minutes. Like 10 minutes went by and all I had was numb lips and a numb tongue. They said they didn’t have the equipment to do anything else and referred me to the North Central Baptist Hospital Emergency Room a few blocks away. I told them everything I knew and they said I needed an ultrasound to figure out what was going on.

When they asked me how severe the pain was based on this chart I told them I was an 8. Little did I know I would be answering that same question any time a nurse or doctor saw me. I would say I answered it like 30 times in next 3 days.

The first thing they did was give me an IV, a wrist band and they put my finger on a pulse monitor thing.

Then they put me in a room and I waited for the ultrasound tech.

There she is hard at work.

Once that was done the doctor came back in and said that I had a bunch of gallstones and that I needed to have my gallbladder removed. They said since it wasn’t life or death that they were gonna get me a room and I would have to wait until the next day for surgery. By the time I made it up to my room it was like 1:30 am or so. They came in my room every few hours and gave me drugs through my iv to keep the pain at bay. It never really went away but they calmed it down quite a bit. Most of my sleeping that night was right after they put the drugs in my iv… because it knocked me out.

The next morning JP texted me this picture saying that they were on their way after breakfast. This picture was a total tease because the hospital wouldn’t let me eat or drink anything… not even water or ice chips.

Then a little while later JP showed up at the hospital with Lily and they had magazines, stuffed animals and flowers for me.

They hung out with me for a little while and since my surgery was scheduled for 3:00 they left around 1:00 to go drop of Lily with her dad.

Not too long after they left the surgeon came in to introduce himself and said that the surgery would be earlier than planned. I texted JP really fast and then they rolled me down the hall to the elevator.

Per my request they moved my iv from my arm to my hand… it was much more comfortable that way. They also put an allergy bracelet on me that said NKA on it. NKA = No Known Allergies.

I asked both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist if I could keep my stones but they said no. JP snapped this picture right after the anesthesiologist put the drugs in my iv. Getting this picture taken and then being rolled away is the last thing I remember… I don’t even remember what the operating room looked like.

I do remember waking up back in the recovery area and hearing someone say “She’s awake”. I am not sure what the first thing the nurse said to me was but I do remember saying “Where is John” like 3 times in a row.

I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping and with John hanging out in the room but being woke up every hour for them to check my vitals. Every couple visits from the nurse would also bring more pain drugs so I didn’t really care. He finally gave up around 11:00pm and headed home which was less than a mile away.

The next morning JP showed up around 9:00am and they said they would start the paperwork let me leave. I can’t take a shower or remove my bandages until Monday but I am crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery.This is where they are but I don’t know how big they are or what they look like.

I was told I will probably be in pain for the next week or two and that I can’t play any sports for the next four weeks. Ugh…. four weeks??

5 Comments to “Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m glad you are doing alright. Enjoy your being taken care of time! AND only you would have pictures of this whole process. Love you!!

  2. Rose says:

    Ha ha! Yes, I tried getting as many as possible.
    JP read this and said I left a lot of stuff out. And also when I woke up they said I asked for him like 10 x’s in a row!

  3. Rich says:

    Sorry to hear about the no sports. It was like the orthopedic guy telling me I should not bowl. But we where in the bowl off so I did anyway. It did not seem to make the tennis elbow worse. But I did take it easy. It sounds like your going to be fine. Glad JP is taking care of you. Now I don’t have to come down and do that.

  4. Barb says:

    Wow… I thought I had an eventful week-end! Glad you came through it with a smile on your face. Take care!

  5. Sarah says:

    Haha Vanessa is right, only you would photo-document this scary process! So glad you’re on the mend my friend!

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