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To The Zoo
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Today Lily had a half day of school so we took advantage of the time off and headed to The San Antonio Zoo. I was a little worried that it would be super busy but since the weather was kinda drizzly on the way there I was optimistic. I figured if it started raining like crazy we could just leave. Our plan worked our really well because once we got in the zoo the sun came out and dried everything up. And since it was drizzly when we got there the zoo was as empty as I have ever seen it. There was no lines for anything… in my book that is awesome!

Here is Selena, Lily and I in our first picture of the day.

Lily and the Komodo Dragon.

Our next stop was the butterfly exhibit. I have never been inside of one of those but Lily really wanted to do it so we went in. It is amazing how many butterflies are in there. They just fly right past you without a care in the world. They even land on you without a care in the word. Lily seemed to be the butterfly whisperer because they kept landing on her.

Check this one out.

Looks like these butterflies can’t read.

If you walk up to the ones resting on leaves most of them will crawl right on your finger. Others will just land on your toes.

As we were exiting the exhibit we spotted these frisky butterflies. Love is in the air!!

We checked out the hippos.

And the termites.

I love this picture of Lily and Selena.

Then we went into Lory Landing. This was by far the best part. If you buy a little cup of nectar for $1.50 you become very very popular with the birds.

We ended up buying two cups a piece.

And we laughed the whole time.

I am one with the birds.

By the time we were done playing with the birds it was 5:00 so we decided to head home. After looking at the map we realized in the 3 hours we spent there we saw maybe 33% of the zoo. When Selena made a comment about them being open until 6:00, I said something like “Yeah and they are also open all summer”.





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  1. Vanessa says:

    My favorite time at the zoo was last February in Michigan. Nobody was there but it turned out to be a pretty warm day and all the animals were super active. I’ve never seen a bird exhibit like that, so cool.

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