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MSW & Something Amazing
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Do you ever miss someone? I miss a lot of people a lot of the time… but there is one person who I really really miss when he is traveling on business. I am sure you can guess who has been out of town since last Saturday morning and won’t be back until this Saturday night.

Since JP is out of town right now our normal schedule changes a little bit. After I pick her up from school we don’t really have anywhere we have to be or anything we have to do. As soon as Lily got in the car I told her we were headed to the car wash. MSW was in desperate need of a scrub-a-dub-dub. Lily had a lot of fun washing the car. Free labor is never a bad thing.

I think it’s awesome that Lily can turn even the most mundane tasks into something fun. Maybe as adults we should all try harder to do that.

The best part? Texas has the cheapest car washes that I have ever seen. I am pretty sure it would cost more than that to wash it in our driveway.

Ok next thing.

I wasn’t really going to tell anyone but when I was in Florida I lost my Coach wristlet. Wanna know what was in it? My drivers license, my debit cards, my starbucks card, my AAA card, and my insurance cards. I am not going to go into how it happened but basically I must have set it down somewhere and didn’t realize it until a few minutes later when it was to late. Please don’t call me careless, irresponsible, or any of those other words… because I already know. More than anything in the wristlet the thing that worried me was my drivers license. How on earth was I going to get through airport security? Can you get through airport security without an id? Was TSA going to tell me I was trapped in Florida? Was I the first person this had happened to? Obviously the answer to the last question is NO. So early Wednesday morning I arrived at the airport a few hours early and with my boarding pass printed I headed to go to talk to TSA. They had me fill out a form and then they sat me down for questioning. The guy whom I was dealing with made a call to someone in Washington D.C. who in turn asked me a ton of questions… questions that only I could answer. I answered like 10 of them and they let me through. So in case you have ever wondered… the answer is no you do not need an ID to get through security at the airport, it just makes it a lot easier.

So today after dropping Lily off at school I headed back home to get my passport and other forms of ID. Then I went to talk to my bank and then on to the Texas DMV. Before heading there I checked out there website which gives you ZERO information about replacing a drivers license, it only talks about renewing or being a new resident getting one for the first time. The line was not nearly as bad as I have seen before and within about 20 minutes I made it through the line where you get your number so that you can talk to someone.

I sat there and read a book for about an hour when they called my name. And I was out the door with a printed piece of paper as my temporary ID in about 10 more minutes. Not to bad for a visit to the DMV, right?

When I got home I checked  my mail hoping that my new bank card was in there and it was. There was also a large envelope addressed to me from someone in Colorado. Not knowing what it was I ripped it open and to amazement my wristlet came falling out.

I am truly amazed and thankful to the person who mailed it back to me. They didn’t write me a note but they left a business card so I have an address for them. I did notice that the addresses on the package and card are from Colorado but it was mailed from Orlando. I will be sending a thank you card to them. This person didn’t have to do anything with what they found.. but they did.. and for that I am forever thankful.

3 Comments to “MSW & Something Amazing”

  1. Vanessa says:

    That is so great that they actually sent it to you. Are you going to pay them back for the shipping 😉

  2. Marlene says:

    That’s wonderful Rose, there must have been something in it to tell them where you are. I assume your license and credit card were not taken.

  3. Daisy says:

    Van – I never even considered sending her money. I did however mail her a thank you note.
    Marlene- Yes, everything was in it!

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