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A Warrant
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So pretty much anytime you get pulled over by the cops you know what you did, right? Well today after I picked up Lily from school we were headed home and I got pulled over. When the cop came to the window he didn’t say why he pulled me over he just asked for my license and insurance. He was in his car for like 20 minutes then he came back and said “Ma’am will you please step out of the vehicle”. I was like what? Then I walked back toward his car and he said “I didn’t want to say this in front of your daughter but I have a warrant for your arrest”. I was truly shocked. I said “What? What for?”. He said for an unpaid ticket.  He looked it up again and said that I only paid $112.10 of a $181.10 speeding ticket that I got back in January of 2011. He told me that he wouldn’t arrest me if I paid him $133.10 right then. He said the balance is for the remaining part that I didn’t pay and for a warrant fee. He said this was the only reason he pulled me over. The car that he was in has a scanner on the front that scans license plates looking for people like me. Evidently I am a hardened criminal.

Instead of arguing with him I gave him my debit card to pay the fees and he gave me this with my case number written on the back.

After I got home I looked it up and I think I figured out what happened. Back on 2/15/11 I got a letter from the court that I mentioned on my blog. I even noticed back then that the amount was wrong. Then I got another letter on 3/9/11 but I didn’t understand what it was asking me for so I never did anything with it. Oh well… lesson learned the $133.00 way. The City of San Antonio for the win.

4 Comments to “A Warrant”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Scary! Glad he just let you pay it.

  2. Rich says:

    The license plate scanner is one of the things we sell where I work. It is a little “Big Brotherish” I think.

  3. Daisy says:

    You know I was thinking about this. In the last year since this warrant was “issued” I have gotten a Texas Drivers License, a Passport and passed a background check at Lily’s school.

  4. Sarah says:

    Holy crap that is scary!! And so weird that you had to do all that official paperwork and the warrant never came up!

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