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Radio Scattergories
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I did not want to get out of bed this morning to drive Lily to school… at all. It has taken a long time but I finally have her well trained for school mornings. Her alarm goes off at 6:20 am but mine doesn’t go off until 6:30 am. In the 10 minutes before I get up she gets herself dressed, combs her hair, brushes her teeth, etc. She has also gotten pretty good about making herself breakfast. She usually eats a bowl of cereal or pops something in the toaster. She use to be a big fan of eating breakfast at school but a few months ago she told me she doesn’t like the food anymore.

So as usual I got up, put on shorts and a t-shirt, and not to long later it was time to go. Traffic sucks on the way to school but on the way back it’s not to bad. I am so ready for next school year when she will be enrolled in the school down the street from our house.

I was listening to Y100 on my way home and as I was about to exit they asked for a caller to play a contest named Radio Scattergories to win tickets to see The Zac Brown Band at the AT&T Center in April.  It has been years since I even tried to call a radio station but something in my head told me to call. I dialed 210-470-5299 expecting a busy signal and I was truly shocked when the guy answered and said “Y100!”. I told them I wanted to play the radio game. He put me on hold for a little bit and I pulled over in the first parking lot that I could find. He came back on and asked me what letter I wanted to use. I told him R but then they told me someone did that yesterday… so then I said S. This was gonna be a piece of cake!

I spent a total of 5 minutes on the phone with them and I won the tickets. After I won I was trying to hurry them off the phone so that I would be able to record the conversation with my phone. Success! Click here and you can hear me on the radio (please ignore the socks and flip flops… if only I had planned better). I do not know how to edit videos or I would have put this picture as the image… I mean this is how I felt!


 If you don’t listen to The Zac Brown Band you should.

Here are my favorite songs by them. Simply click on the title and the videos will pop up.

Knee Deep (feat Jimmy Buffett)

Whatever It Is


As She’s Walking Away  (he also sings this one with Jimmy Buffett)

Chicken Fried


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