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Nature Walk
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When I was a kid things were a lot different than they are for Lily. It seems like we spent a lot more time outside then we did inside. Walking through the woods exploring seemed to take up hours of our time. This afternoon Lily and Cameron were upstairs playing Barbie for a long time and I started feeling antsy. I went in the closet and grabbed 3 pairs of JP’s socks then I called the girls down. I told them to put the socks on and pull them up as high as they will go and then to put on their tennis shoes. Both of them wanted to know why. I told them it was nature walk time.

See we all wore long socks.

I’ve told you before that there is a gate on our back fence that takes you out into what I call the great outdoors. It is actually a pretty rough trail that leads you to huge power lines but they don’t know the difference. So we headed into the forest. I told them to look out for snakes and large spiders.

Along the way we saw tons of tons of different flowers. Most of them are pretty small but still very beautiful.

We walked around for a little while looking at this and that.

We spotted a pretty big cactus with prickly pear buds on it. In a couple months they will be big and red and ready to pick. Last year was the first time I saw one up close… stupid me thinking I would take it home and figure out how to eat it grabbed it with my bare hands. Yikes! As soon as I grabbed it I knew I made a mistake. There is a reason they call it prickly. It was like having a million little tiny slivers injected in your hands. I immediately threw it on the ground… I tried to wipe my hands on my shirt but that only made it worse. I spent the next two days trying to pull them out with tweezers… ahh the lessons we learn. Later this year I will take the right precautions and show you how to pick and eat a prickly pear!

Lily is just like me… loves to have her picture taken.

As we were walking back I told them that I felt like Hansel and Gretel and that maybe we would run into the witches house. They both laughed.





2 Comments to “Nature Walk”

  1. Rich says:

    I saw an ER show and they used bikini wax to remove them. Of course it was a guy covered head to foot with them. His wife was a little upset with him because he could not explain how he happened to be nude when he fell on the cactus.

  2. Daisy says:

    That is some funny stuff! The pointy thorn things aren’t what I was talking about though. The actual fruit has little tiny fine hairs that are like slivers. Gross!

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