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Lily Day 3
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Lily and I have had a project in mind for a little while now so we decided today was the day.

See this rocky tree bed? We think it would look much better with flowers around it instead of rocks.

We actually had this idea last summer but never got around to it.

Our first step was to remove the rocks. Lily started piling them next to it then I had the brilliant idea to put them in the wheel barrow so that we don’t have to pick them up again later.

Once the rocks were gone we stirred up the dirt.

Then we added more soil and the flowers. The ones that haven’t flowered yet will eventually be Snap Dragons.

We did lots of other pots. Check out this long one.

And these awesome flowers in the yellow hanging pot.

And the pretty flowers in the teapot.

They all look great!

We even bought a new potato plant because the other one was killed by the frost in December.

I didn’t take pictures of every flowering plant we did but you get the idea.


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