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Family Night
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Usually I try to play sports on nights that I don’t have Lily so that I am not stealing any of her time from me. A few months ago when I signed up to play softball with Beerific I told the captain that I want to play  but I can’t commit to every Friday night. This morning I took a household vote and both Lily and JP said no to softball and yes to family night. 

After I picked up Lily from school we had a couple hours to kill before JP would be done working so I told her I was gonna go out back and vacuum the pool. She sat out there for a little while and helped me get everything hooked up and watched me a vacuum for a little bit. Then she said “What would you think if I jumped in?”. I told her I would think she was crazy. Then a couple minutes later I see Lily running my direction yelling “CANNON BALL”. I couldn’t believe that she actually did it. She was still in the water when JP walked out and asked what the water temperature was. We grabbed the frog shaped thermometer, dropped it in the water, and a couple minutes later it said 70°. Lily is officially our first swimmer of the year!

After I was finished and everyone was ready to go we headed to La Cantera. It’s a pretty big outdoor mall with lots of stores and restaurants. Our first stop was at a pizza place that we like. Lily loves to goof off in the pictures.

Ok here is a more serious one.

And of course Lily wanted to take our picture!

Our next stop was at Barnes & Noble. I didn’t buy this one but it made me laugh.

After everyone picked out a couple books we headed home.


2 Comments to “Family Night”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Are her sandels Nike? I think Isabel has the same ones only rainbow colored. Sounds like a good day!

  2. Daisy says:

    Yes! They are Nike. And the inside is super squishy. I wish they had them in my size!

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