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Souper Dooper Tortilla Soup
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Have you ever had Tortilla Soup? I have only had it in restaurants and every place makes it just a little bit different. A couple weeks ago I was walking through my local grocery store and the Cooking Connection had samples of their version. It was so good. This morning when I was shopping I decided to make the soup for lunch today.

It is super easy to make. This is all you need.

I cheated a little and used the pre-cooked chicken. First you put your chicken in the pot with some spices then you add beer. I am sure you could use any beer but doesn’t Mexican beer seem more logical?

It will look something like this.

Let that simmer for a few minutes and pour in the contents of the tortilla soup jar and the chicken broth. While your waiting for that to heat up get your soup dressing ready. I set out cheese, avocado, tortilla strips and cilantro.

I also set out some chips, pico de gallo and guacamole.

Then when the soup was done I called JP down for lunch. When your ready to eat you simply pour the soup in a bowl, add avocado, tortilla strips, cheese and cilantro. You can add as much or little as you want of each item depending on how you like it.

Mine looked like this.

It turned out really really good and I would totally make it again! Anytime we eat soup JP always says “Hey hey Soup, aye soup, aye aye soup” it makes me laugh because I know he is quoting Annoying Orange. Next time you have some time to kill go to youtube and watch some Annoying Orange episodes…. I guarantee you will laugh your butt off! Here is a link to Annoying Orange – Souper Dooper. I am laughing just thinking about it!!


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