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Picking The Picture
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I sent an email to the Acrylics Painting instructor this morning with 5 photos in it. She told us last week that she would pick which photo I will start to paint on canvas this week. The next class is on Wednesday morning and I couldn’t be more excited!

I sent this one that I snapped on Lake Michigan.

And this one that we snapped in Sequim, WA.

This one of Lily in Seattle, WA.

This one of Lily and her friends last summer.

And this one of BofC that I took in Pebble Beach, CA a couple weeks ago.

Which one do you think she will pick? Are there any that you think I should have sent instead? I have like a zillion pictures so it was a hard decision.

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  1. Daisy says:

    The instructor emailed me back! She said “0187 is a great choice. I also like the JP heart picture for your second choice.”
    0187 is the one of Lily standing on the bench in West Seattle!

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