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Only 8 Days Til Valentines!

I will never forget the day that I saw them for the first time. I opened up an envelope and a bunch of vintage Valentines came falling out. They were kinda hidden among stacks of printer paper and other office supplies. I remember that I spread them out on the floor and looked at each one with such detail. To me they were beautiful… and old. My mind raced with ideas on what to do with them. After awhile I put them all back in the envelope and set them to the side…. that was a couple years ago.

Last week Lily reminded me that we needed to go get Valentines for her class and I thought about the ones I had upstairs. I can’t remember the last time I gave a Valentine to someone (besides Lily and JP) so I decided this would be the year that I send them out in the mail to people that I like. I didn’t need to worry about envelopes because the Valentine’s came with tiny envelopes. It took me a couple hours but I was ready to mail out 14 of them. I drove down to the USPS and ordered 14 LOVE stamps. The guy took one look at my envelope and said that I would need to put extra postage on each envelope… ugh.

This is what I text JP.

Oh well! After I left the post office I headed to HEB and this is the first thing I saw when I walked in! Appropriate, right?

Just for fun I looked back into the archives to figure out what was going on the year that JP and I had our first Valentine’s Day. He wasn’t living here in San Antonio yet, but he did come to visit. It was our first Valentine’s Day when he told me that it was a holiday for women… not really for men.

I remember when he gave Lily her first Valentine.

And I remember what he gave me.

I remember snapping this picture of Lily.

And we went dress shopping for dinner that night.

It was Lily’s first time to The Melting Pot.

And we all had a lot of fun.

I am 100% sure that he is always going to be my Valentine!

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  1. Marlene says:

    Lucky John!!! Love Marlene

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