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Let’s Talk About Lomography
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Have you ever heard of Lomography? I have heard the word a few times but up until yesterday I didn’t really know what it was. When we were walking in downtown Austin I saw a Lomography camera store. I went in and asked the guy a ton of questions about it. After he explained a bunch of stuff about it I bought one of their cameras. I bought the cheapest one they had for about $35 and a pack of film. Film! I can’t even remember the last time I used film. If you look closely you will see that the camera has 4 lenses on it. Pretty nifty, right?

This morning I told JP that today was the day… I was gonna use all of the film and then get it developed. Developed! When is the last time you said that word? Ugh… I am totally aging myself.

When I picked up Lily from school I asked her if she knew what film was. She said “yeah it’s the stuff they used in the olden day cameras to take pictures”. I was kinda surprised that she actually knew!

There is definitely a learning curve when using the camera. Most of the pictures turned out like this.

Or this.

But we did pretty good with a few of them.

Here is one that Lily snapped of herself.

And one of us.

The rest all pretty much looked like four squares of blur… but I am not going to give up. I do want to mention that I paid $14 to develop the film… yikes! And I learned that Walgreen’s still develops film… CVS will only do digital. Oh and do you remember paying extra for 1 hour photo? That doesn’t exist anymore, now it is simply developed in an hour for the same price.



2 Comments to “Let’s Talk About Lomography”

  1. Selena belena says:

    Lily’s pic looks awesome looks like you have a natural photographer in your hands! :) but yikes $14 dollars just to develop one roll I remember it used to just be 6 or 7 maybe when you start developing more try sam’s that’s where I used to get mine done.

  2. CoreyJo says:

    I don’t know why, but the one of Lily on the lounge chair is my favorite set. Very cool. Can’t wait to see more.

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