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Acrylic Painting

I had my first Acrylic Painting class today. I signed up for this one because again it is something that I know very little about, but want to know more. What I didn’t realize when I signed up for the 6 week class was that I would spend more on supplies than on the actual class itself. Oh well… as JP said “Hopefully you will like it enough to at least use up all of your supplies that you had to buy”.

The NISD Learning Center is about 20 miles from my house, the class was at 9:00 am, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take me with the morning traffic. I planned on leaving the house around 7:30 and stopping for coffee along the way. Yeah right… even when I plan on leaving early, I still can’t ever seem to leave early for anything. I hopped in my car at about 8:05 am and hoped for the best. Along the way I could not resist stopping for some BofC… so I did (venti, non-fat, 1 pump, vanilla latte w/whip is my drink in case you were wondering). But it all worked out because after fighting a little traffic I ended up in the classroom with about 10 minutes to spare.

The instructor went over all of the basics about what we would be doing for the next 6 weeks and talked about the supplies that we will need (I am only missing 2 things) . Then it was time to move on to some hands on painting. I got out the supplies that she said we needed for today.

And she told us to put one dab each of black, red, yellow, blue and white.

Then we learned about blending colors. Starting with the basic color listed on the left we had to fill in our chart by adding the colors that the paper told us. Not to bad for my first week, right?

Before my next class I have to email the instructor a few different photos that I want to paint onto canvas. She will pick what order I paint them in (assuming the easiest to paint goes first). Thoughts have been running through my head ALL DAY about what pictures to send to her!!

Oh and if you haven’t clicked on the BofC tab above lately you should. I have added to it a few times in the last couple weeks!


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  1. Anonymous User says:

    You should paint a BofC!

  2. CoreyJo says:

    I agree with anon. BofC would be great for your first one!

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