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When Is Spring?
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This morning I was laying in bed and I could hear birds chirping like crazy outside the window. It made me start thinking about the warm warm San Antonio that I love. Sure I will totally take our 60-80° winter days that we currently have, but I really want some super hot 90° days. I want to be able to go swimming in the pool and not be cold.

A couple days ago JP and I were standing out on the back porch and I made a comment about how unhappy my plants are… all he said was “It’s winter”.  When I was in Washington DC last month San Antonio had a night that dropped below freezing and killed a bunch of my plants. I had no idea it was coming or I could have at least attempted to protect them a little bit. Lots of people around here put blankets on their plants if they hear the temperature will drop below freezing. I didn’t even have a chance since I was out of town so like I said I lost at least half of the potted plants that I have been growing.

These are the only potted plants that I have left.

I was surprised when I saw that the Gerbera sprouted a bud.

And this Lily plant was pretty much completely dead but I brought it inside a couple weeks ago and it has been doing surprisingly well.

It got me thinking about a flower that JP pointed out the other day.. We have a bunch of Rose bushes outside and there was a bloom on one of them. Today when I went out to explore I saw that there are actually tons of buds all over them.

And look at this big patch of fluffy stuff that I found growing in the yard. I don’t know what it is but it is soft and fluffy and has cute little flowers growing on it.

I even like the dandelions that are growing… even though they are weeds.

I am not sure what these purple things are but they are cute.

And look at these little yellow ones.

Even my super dead potato plant is trying to come back to life.

These aren’t flowers but I still really like the way these trees look. The bark always looks like it is about to peel off.

I think spring is trying to happen early in our backyard!


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