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Shopping & Cupcakes
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Today Corey and I headed to The Shops at La Cantera to walk around and buy a few things. My main reason for going was to go to Sur La Table for some new kitchen supplies. I ended up getting a few fun things and as I was walking through the store I spotted this.

I remember my mom use to have one of these and we used it a lot. I have told JP multiple times about an egg timer but this is the first time I saw one. It was only like $5 and I am sure it will get a lot of use around here.

One of the other things I bought was cupcake liners. They have a whole hanging thing full of different size, color and designed liners. Just for fun I picked two different designs.

I picked a fun pink and blue.

And this awesome rainbow.

Then just for fun I added Oreo’s to the bottom of each cupcake liner. I saw this idea a couple weeks ago for making cheesecake cupcakes but decided to try it with regular cupcakes.

I also decided it would be more fun to have purple cupcakes than white ones so I added a little bit of dye to the batter before I poured it into the liners.

I baked it per the package directions but because of the Oreo’s each cupcake got a lot less batter so it ended up making 36 cupcakes instead of 24. In hindsight I should have baked it for about 5-10 minutes less. No one complained though cause they still tasted good. Next time I make this I think I might add an extra egg and reduce the cook time.

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  1. CoreyJo says:

    Yummy!! they were delicious!! best dinner ever!!

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