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Santa Cruz, Monterey & Carmel
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Last night JP and I took an evening flight to San Jose, CA. We left on Saturday evening so that we could get some tourist time in before he had to be at work in Cupertino on Tuesday. We didn’t really do much on Saturday night because our plan was to wake up on Sunday morning and go for a long Sunday drive.

Ready for a little geography time? Our path looked something like this.

And something like this from an entire state perspective.

Our first stop was in Santa Cruz for breakfast at a little diner that JP knew about. He lived in Santa Cruz for like 8 years and always has great things to say about the area.

Here is a cool mural they have on the wall in the diner.

Our next stop was to see the ocean. This is the first look that I had once I stepped out of the car. Pretty amazing.

And here is a cool surfer statue. If you look back at the picture of me in the diner you will see the same surfer dude on the mural.

Then we hopped back in the car and headed to Monterey, CA. There is a huge boardwalk and lots of stuff to do in Monterey but we didn’t stay long because we wanted to drive down to Carmel first. I found this on a wall down by the boardwalk.

Between Monterey and Carmel is a road known at 17 mile drive. It’s a winding drive along the ocean with amazing views. Along the way is the famed Pebble Beach Golf Course. After driving it I totally think the $9 that they charge you to enter is totally worth it.

The weather was not exactly warm but it wasn’t cold either.. probably in the low 60’s. I love the smell of the ocean.

These pictures do it no justice. Everywhere you look is just breathtaking.

And there are so many birds. I felt really lucky to snap a picture of this one.

How can you not love the look of this rocky coast?

I know it made me jump for joy!

Along the way there is also a tree known as the Lone Cypress… maybe you have heard of it?

We stopped and walked around at the Pebble Beach Country Club. It is a pretty fancy place and even though I am not a golfer (at all) I was still pretty impressed. Check out this cool mirror picture that I snapped.

Finally we made it to Carmel. It is hard to describe Carmel with any other word than fancy. Everything about it is cute and very high end. We walked around a little bit and then went into a restaurant named Hog’s Breath for lunch. It is rumored that Clint Eastwood owns the restaurant, they even have a Dirty Harry on the menu.

Here I am being a rebel on one of the golf courses.

On our drive back we stopped at one of the many artichoke fields and snapped a few fun pictures.

Have you ever wondered what artichoke plants look like? I didn’t know until today but they look like giant ferns. I didn’t see any actual artichokes but I know this is how they grow.






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  1. Marlene says:

    We grew artichokes on Camano Island. They actually did quite well. They also reproduced so the next year we had five artichoke plants. We eventually dug them out because we couldn’t eat them as fast as they produced. It was fun to have them for a few years.

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