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My Little Cupcake
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I love having projects for Lily to do because that way she is always learning and always busy. Seriously there is nothing better than a kid with something to do. Today I told her we were going to try again to make the rainbow cupcakes… again. Last time we used yellow cake mix and the colors were not as vibrant as I wanted them to be. At the beginning of the project I told her that I would guide her through the process but she had to do everything on her own.

I had her get out all of the ingredients, the mixer and the attachments. She put everything in per the instructions and turned the mixer on.

Then she put the batter in 4 separate bowls and picked what colors we wanted to dye them.

The dying part was really exciting for her.

When we were done mixing I was puzzled about why the colors were still not as vibrant as I expected. I looked at the instructions again and realized that we were suppose to use only the egg whites, not the entire egg. UGggghhhh!!! Oh well the colors are still pretty cool.

Then she put in the cupcake liners.

And added the colors in by the spoonful mixing up different patterns as she went along.

It was a long process for her but she was finally ready to put them in the oven.

Once they came out and cooled they were ready for the icing. To make it a little more fun I had her use a decorating bag and cool tip for the icing.

She was a natural! She did 12 vanilla and 12 chocolate.

After dinner we were ready to find out what they looked like. Pretty cool, right?


I guess for this project the third time is the charm…. next time the colors will be right!!

4 Comments to “My Little Cupcake”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I showed the girls this post and they thought Lily did a great job! They want to make rainbow cupcakes next week. I’ll try to remember to take pictures for you.

  2. Daisy says:

    Be sure to use white cake… and don’t put the egg yolk in! We want to see pictures for sure!!

  3. Sarah S. says:

    Has Lily had a growth spurt?! She looks so grown up!

  4. Rose says:

    I was wondering if anyone would notice how TALL she looks. She’s standing on a stool.

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