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My American Girls
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After dinner Lily asked me if she could go across the street and see if Cameron was home. About 15 minutes later she came back and both her and Cam were holding their American Girl dolls. They played video games for a little while (with their dolls sitting next to them) and then they asked if they could have a snack. I told them they could have some ice cream and that they had about 30 minutes more to play before I had to get Lily ready for bed (I always try to get her ready for bed around 7:30).

Don’t they look so cute?

So right as Cam was almost finished eating her ice cream she said “This is a really good dinner!”. I said “What? You haven’t eaten dinner yet?”. She just kinda looked at me and didn’t say anything. I said “Ummm…. maybe we shouldn’t tell your mom about the ice cream”.

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  1. Selena belena says:

    I love how Cam always tends to tell you things after you let he do or have something fun. Sneaky gal lol I remember being that young and trying to have dessert before dinner :)

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