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Gingerbread Demolition/Flooding
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Remember the gingerbread houses we made a few weeks ago? We had two houses sitting on the counter and today was the day that I decided I was done looking at them. My plan was to toss them in the garbage. Sometimes the plan doesn’t go as well as I hope… this was one of those times. I wanted to keep the plate, but couldn’t get the house off of the plate.

I figured the only way to get it off was to try to melt the frosting that was holding it down. I grabbed a cup of boiling hot water and poured it into the base on the plate.

The gingerbread house now has a flooding problem.


I did it to both houses.

Then after about 10 minutes I was able to pull the house off of the plate. The water didn’t melt the icing it just made the actual gingerbread soft enough to pull the house off. What a mess.

I spent the next 20 or so minutes running hot water over the plates and scrapping the icing off. Lesson learned. I will never build the houses on a plate again… ever! I am now wondering why I have never heard anyone say “I ate a gingerbread house today”? Does anyone actually eat them? How much gingerbread is wasted during the holidays? I am sure there are starving children somewhere that would appreciate those houses but this is not their lucky year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if you use a thick paper plate then you can throw the whole house and plate away.

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