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Death Of A Cedar Waxwing
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I have told you before that Lily is pretty fearless when it comes to animals… even dead ones. Right before I put her to bed last night I looked out the window and I saw a bird laying on the deck. It was right below the windows so I assume it must have flown into the window and had a sudden death. The reason I think that is because probably about 5 times I have been in the kitchen and heard/seen birds hit the window… but this is the first time that one didn’t get up and fly away. I looked it up and it is a Cedar Waxwing.

My fearless daughter scooped it up with some garden tools and tossed it out in the grass.

When I went to look at it this morning… it was gone. One of two things must have happened. It either woke up and flew away, or there is something out in my yard at night that eats dead birds. I secretly hope it flew away because I totally don’t want to think about what would have been big enough to eat it.

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  1. Will Henio says:

    I have heard that they are notorious for hitting windows. have you considered putting those special decals on the windows to help dter that from happening again?

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