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Adventure Day
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Nothing is better than a nice fun Saturday adventure. Lily, JP and Corey were all game so we hopped in the truck and left home to find some fun. Our first stop was for lunch at Henry’s Puffy Tacos.

If you are ever in San Antonio be sure that we take you here for lunch. The tacos are silly good! Speaking of silly… Lily ordered regular tacos and not the delicious puffy tacos.

Our next stop was in a parking garage across the street from The Alamo. We didn’t actually go in The Alamo but we did walk past it.

We next stopped at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. It is a haunted house that begins with a story about a coffin maker.

This was Lily’s very first haunted house and she did a lot better than I thought she would. I think this Halloween she is ready for some more.

Next we went on the Tomb Rider 3D ride.

They give you 3D glasses and you ride in a car shooting things with a gun.

I am sure that JP doesn’t want anyone to know this but I beat him… again. Seriously I doubled his score. We did this ride once before back in August 2008 during my birthday weekend.

I took this picture during the ride. I posted the picture on facebook and my friend Beth said “”Love it! This is Rose thru & thru.. Miss u doll!”… I totally admit that I want to be in EVERY picture ever!

Our next stop was at Guinness World Records.

Lots of cool stuff to look at and read. Check out the Space Invaders wall.

And this cool circuit board… so JP!

While we were in there we found this piano thing. The reason this is so cool is because Lily just watched the movie BIG for the first time last week.

Check out this world record about Marilyn Monroe… do you see the grammatical error?

While we were in there we had to check Corey in for her flight.

I teased JP and told him that this is what I am going to look like in 5  years. Sexy, huh?

This one was hilarious! Can you guess what he saw when he looked through the hole?

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  1. CoreyJo says:

    Haha! I know what he saw! The next time someone wants to do a haunted house I swear I’m going to run the other way!!

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