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The Christmas Room
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One of our favorite rooms in the house is the Tiki Room. It was decided that this year we should put the Christmas Tree in the Tiki Room instead of the living room like last year. I had to move the furniture around a little bit but I totally made it work. Lily asked me the other day if Santa would know to look in that room for the tree… I love that she is still a believer.

Today I officially renamed it to the Christmas Room. This is what it looks like as you walk toward the Christmas Room.

Our skeleton greets you as you walk in. She needs a name… this month we will call her Christmas Carol.

And this is what our tree looks like this year.

I even found a way to make the peanut machine more seasonal.

Christmas Carol is ready to party. Do you love her outfit?

We even have a snow-couple sitting in the window.

And other Christmas decorations sitting on the Coke cooler.

And here is our super festive fireplace. As I was hanging Lily’s stocking I realized that she is probably gonna want a new one this year because she has grown out of her Disney Princess phase.

I have some more decorating to do but I saved some of it for Lily to do.

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