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Miss Coffee
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I am a coffee drinker. When I first started drinking coffee I took it with lots of sugar and lots of vanilla flavored creamer. As the years went by I ditched the vanilla creamer for regular cream and eventually also ditched the sugar. As of right now I am down to black coffee with just a small splash of regular creamer. I was thinking back to how I use to drink it and it kinda makes my stomach turn when I think about how sweet it use to be. YUCK!

Switching gears… I am not sure how I got so blessed with a child that wakes up at 7:00am (sarcasm), but I am. Lily came in my room this morning telling me she was hungry. I grumbled at her to go make some cereal. She didn’t want cereal (of course). So she sat in my bed for the next hour telling me to wake up and playing games on my iPhone. I told her that if she made me some coffee I would get out of bed. Lily has never made coffee before but she has seen me make it a ton of times. She left the room for a little bit and then came back and asked “What number for the water?”, I said “10” and she left. She came back again and asked “How many scoops of coffee?”, I said “5 heaping” she said ok and left the room again. She came back one more time and said “Which button do I push?”, I said “The biggest button on the right” and she left the room. A few minutes later I was still sleeping a little bit and she came in my room and said “Do you want me to pour it for you?”. I was amazed that she actually made it but a little bit scared to let her handle the pot without me being there so I got up. 

Once I came in the kitchen she had a cup and the creamer set out on the counter and was asking if she can pour it now.

Can you believe it? Here is a picture of the very first cup of coffee Lily has ever made. This is a landmark moment in this house! I have a feeling she will be making a lot more coffee for us in the future!!!!

2 Comments to “Miss Coffee”

  1. Rich says:

    Wow I have been trying for years to get Rickdrewski to make me coffee’ but the request just falls on deaf ears.

  2. CoreyJo says:

    My sister and I always made the coffee for the house. Sometimes it was multiple pots a day. I think I was about Lily’s age when I started making it, and a couple of years older before I started pouring.

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