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Gingerbread Land
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During Lily’s lifetime we have done a lot of kid oriented projects. LOTS OF THEM! Most of them I blog about but there are lots in the past that we did before the days of my blog. Through a process of trial an error I have learned a lot about getting kids together and sitting them down to do a project. The number one thing I have learned over and over again is to be prepared. Never tell the kids you are gonna do a project and then just start bringing stuff out. You need to have everything set out and then bring them to the area where the project is or you will have total chaos.

Lily invited Cameron over this afternoon to decorate gingerbread houses. I knew before hand that this was going to be a big project and in order for it to go smooth I needed to figure some stuff out first.

I went through every shelf in the pantry and found a ton of left over candy from throughout the year. I’m talking candy from Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, etc. I gathered it all up and sorted through it trying to find things to use for the gingerbread houses (I admit that I threw a bunch of the unusable stuff away). I set out a bunch of bowls and had Lily sort and then unwrap the candy. She did a really good job.

Before I knew it we had so much candy ready to go on the houses. For the record I want everyone to know that the sugar industry made a killing on us this year. I think I learned a lesson for next year because I was surprised by how much left over candy we had in the pantry.

The gingerbread kit comes with a little bit of candy, some frosting and the gingerbread pieces. I learned a couple years ago that putting the house together is not as easy as they make it look on the directions.

They give you a flimsy plastic stand that is suppose to help but I think it makes it worse. I learned that using a plate is much easier. Also when you have the kids trying to put their house together it is messy and everyone starts complaining that their house is falling apart. I only had to learn that lesson once. This year I put them together before hand. Not to shabby, eh?

A couple hours later Cameron showed up and it was time to get to work. I had white, red and green icing for them to use. I was under the impression that you needed a special type of icing to make it work, but any kid friendly icing works just fine.

I always push the kids to do their own thing and constantly compliment their work. They are always comparing each others work and asking me who I think has the better design. I’m super careful to keep up their confidence so that everyone has maximum fun.

Lily and Cameron are so fun together. They never argue or fight about anything…. EVER. They get along amazingly well.

Look what is written in the snow in the front yard of my house. JP is in Oregon this week but will be back on Thursday. My thoughts are always with him even when he is far away.

This is my finished Smartie House.

And Lily’s and Cameron’s houses. I think they did a super duper good job.

While we were making the houses Cameron kept eating the candy. I cut her off a couple times then I would hear *crunch* as she bit into another piece. After we were done Lily wanted to show Cameron the presents that she had under the tree. I totally eaves dropped to hear what she said about them.  I heard her say “See this one? I can’t touch it but I think it is the same size box as an American Girl would come in”. I think it is super cute that she assumes that. Check out Cameron in this shot… I am pretty sure this pose has a direct result of her sugar high.

Aren’t they so adorable??

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