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Do Bees Sleep?
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Remember this summer when I told you about the abundance of hummingbirds in our back yard?And my need for another feeder?

Well a couple months ago they all disappeared. ALL OF THEM! I thought it was because I let their feeders run dry for a day or two but after talking to a few locals I found out that that is not the case. A lady told me that believe it or not in late September-ish those little birds fly all the way down to Southern Mexico for the winter and will show back up in the spring. Before I found out why they were all gone I had filled the feeders back up in hopes for their return. What I didn’t realize was that I should have left the feeders empty and taken them down for the winter. In the last couple weeks I have noticed a ton of bees hanging out on the feeders. I guess what I truly wonder is why they never cared about the feeders in the summer but the answer is probably because in the summer they have tons of flowers to feed on. In the last few days the bees have gotten worse… like 20+ on each feeder. I was thinking that I had to figure out a way to get close enough to take the feeders down without getting stung… until last night. Lily and I were out on the deck last night just after dark and I noticed that there was not a single bee on either of the feeders. At least none that I could see. That got me thinking… where do bees go at night? Do they sleep somewhere? I also wondered why I had never wondered this before. I thought back and sure enough… I have NEVER seen a bee at night.

After putting Lily to bed I googled it and sure enough those little ‹enter bad name here› go back to their hive at night. But even after looking it up I was still a little scared of going out there to take the feeders down to clean them. I just decided to sleep on it and decide what to do later.

This morning after dropping of Lily at school I was looking outside and wondering what time these bees wake up. It was almost 8:00am and I didn’t see any of them so I jumped at the chance to get rid of their sugary snack. I went outside and took one of them down but I can’t reach the one over by the pool because it is too high for me to reach. Actually last time I put that feeder up I had Lily get on my shoulders and help me get it up there. Yes, as funny as that sounds we really did that. Maybe I can get her to help me with that one another day. I circled the spot where I took one of the feeders down and where the other one still resides.

At about 10:00am I looked outside and I could see bees swarming around the existing feeder but I could also see them flying around where the other one use to be. I even pretended like I could hear them talking to each other “Where did it go?”, “I know it was here yesterday”, “Stupid humans”, “The queen is gonna be pissed”… or something along those lines.

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  1. Rich says:

    When I brew in the fall they swarm the brew pot trying to steal my sweet wort. They are worst in the fall.

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