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Strawberry Brownie Santa Hats

Yesterday my friend Corey posted a picture on facebook of a dessert that looked so yummy! After I saw the picture I thought about it a couple times and totally decided that next time I was at the grocery store I would get the things to make it. In my mind I was gonna make it from scratch but after discovering that I could make it with 3 ingredients I changed my mind about the from scratch idea. This is so simple and so cute and all you need are three things: Brownies, icing and fresh strawberries.

brownie strawberry santa hat strawberries easy for kids to make

I was so amazed when I went into the icing aisle. Can you believe they make it in a can now? How easy is that to use! They had a few different flavors but I went with the creamy cream cheese flavor.

The first thing I did was put some of the brownies on a plate.

christmas deserts for kids easy they can do it

Then I washed and cut the strawberries.

family project christmas deserts desserts

Next up was the icing. The icing has a fancy tip on it so it comes out really pretty.

I however didn’t want the pretty, I wanted it to look smooth. I used a spoon and super hot water to make it look smooth.

fun family christmas food projects deserts easy for kids and adults

Not to shabby, eh?

Next up I put the strawberries on top.


All I needed to do now was add the little ball on top. I knew the icing wouldn’t do what I wanted it to right out of the can so I had to get out my tools.

wilton decorating tips christmas wilton icing bags

I used the smallest tip I could find and topped each strawberry with a ball of icing.

I love the way they turned out. I also loved Lily’s and JP’s reaction when they saw them. These Brownie Santa Hat desserts were not just pretty they were also seriously delicious!!

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  1. CoreyJo says:

    Way to go Rose!! Looks yummy!

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