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Christmas Vacation

Today is my first day of having Lily on her two week long Christmas vacation. I figured it would be a good day to a few projects to get her into the Christmas mood. Ok, who am I kidding she is 100% ready to open those gifts under the tree!

I put this tray in front of her and told her I have a project in mind.

I asked her what she could make with these 5 items… she was stumped.

Then I walked her through a project that we use to do when I was a kid. Edible ornaments! When I was a kid there was a lot more things we knew how to make but I can’t really remember what. Somewhere back in my archives I have pictures of Lily making these over at my sister Zerah’s house… I believe it was Christmas 2006 but she doesn’t remember making them. I can’t find any pictures… but I know they are somewhere???

We have a fleet!

Next up was a project that Stephanie gave Lily last time we were in Seattle.

I painted the snowman and star but Lily did the rest of them.

I think they turned out great but I can’t decide if they are suppose to be ornaments or sun catchers? I told Lily we would let them dry overnight and then decide!

4 Comments to “Christmas Vacation”

  1. Zerah says:

    I have copies of those photos from our 2006 candy ornaments, I will email you some. I can’t wait until Zane is old enough to make these!

  2. Daisy says:

    They weren’t as easy as I remembered. And oh so sticky! Maybe he can make fruit loop strings?

  3. Unknown Reader says:

    LOVE the edible ornaments. That is such a great idea!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Wasn’t there an angel? I should do this with the girls one year.

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