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Me vs. Bees & Wasps
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Since winter is drawing near it is time to winterize the pool area. This means cleaning out and organizing the pool house, removing and storing all the cushions and taking down the umbrella. I was standing there looking at the pool today and it kinda made me sad to think that we won’t be in it again until next spring. While I am sure we will have a few 80+ degree days here and there the water still isn’t warm enough to enjoy anymore. The first thing I did was grab a garbage bag, some cleaning spray, the old vacuum and a roll of paper towels.I need to clean the inside of the pool house before I can store anything in it. I started by washing the windows on the outside then I headed inside. I have no idea how so much stuff ends up on the floor in there but there was lots of dust and leaves and dead bugs around. Not to mention cobwebs and lizard poop. Don’t worry no lizards were harmed in the process… but I did vacuum up a few dead lizard bodies. I have seen live ones in there a lot and they are super annoying because they poop all over the walls. Gross… but what can you do?

While I was organizing the shelf I found a watch! This is not my watch and I have never seen it before so I assume a guest left it here. The only thing that is wrong with it is that it is in Eastern Time. If no one claims it I am totally gonna keep it because it matches my ring.

As I was cleaning my phone rang. Since the pump on the pool was running it was kinda loud in the pool house so I stepped outside. It was JP’s mom. As I was talking to her I sat down on one of the pool chairs and when I leaned back I saw something out of the corner of my eye and I felt a strong sting on the top of my right arm. When I looked I could see a bee stuck in my arm. I couldn’t believe it… I haven’t been stung by a bee in years and years. I immediately wiped him away and I told Marlene that I just got stung by a bee and had to go. After I hung up the phone I pulled the stinger out of my arm… ouch! Look at what he did to me!

And this is the little a**hole that stung me. He is pretty small but he packs a big sting.

Anyway back to the task at hand. I vacuumed up everything that I could. I organized the shelves. Chemicals on top, BBQ stuff one shelf down, the pool towels and on the bottom shelf pool equipment. Did you know that we have 22 pool towels? Yes, 22 of them. The funny thing is you can tell who has hung out here a lot and who hasn’t by the towel that they grab. When people come over I usually set out a towel for them and some people know right away which towels are super fluffy and big. If I put out a stack of towels I can tell you exactly which towel JP or Lily will grab. In the summer I wash towels pretty much every single day. We have weekend parties and used EVERY single towel. I will not miss all of that washing this winter.

When I was done with all that it was time to tackle the upstairs part. Other than just sticking my head up there I have never actually gotten all the way up there. I think that it would be a good place to store the cushions for the winter so today is my big day. See the ladder behind the pool house door? That is how you get up.

There is a little trap door that is always open.

I know there are lots of dead bugs and lizard poop up there so the first thing I did was climb up there to see if there is a power outlet so that I can vacuum. Yup there is an outlet, and a bean bag chair and a little table. And oh gross, so much dust, bugs and lots of lizard poop. Lily use to play up there last summer but this spring she told us there was a bee’s nest up there so she didn’t want to go up. I climbed the ladder half way and tossed the vacuum up there. This is what it looks like at the top of the ladder.

As I was coming back down I noticed a big ol wasp sitting on the pool equipment. I immediately grabbed a fly swatter and killed it. But then it got me thinking… where the hell did he come from? Then I was a bit freaked out. I have already been stung by a bee today I AM NOT getting stung by a wasp. I went out to the garage and found these. Seems smart, huh?

I came back to the pool house with my cans of spray and I climbed the ladder. I was already a little freaked out so when I got to the top of the ladder I didn’t step on the platform yet I just kinda looked around. And then I spotted them. I saw at least 3 big ol wasps hanging out on the ceiling on the right hand side. I looked a little longer but I didn’t see a nest. There has to be a nest somewhere, right? So I grab the can which claims to spray 23′ and I pointed it at them. I missed them…. and then… the can was empty. Yes, empty. I took a nearly empty can of spray into their home. OHHH GOD. In less than a second two of those angry wasps landed on my shoulder and the fact that I was wearing a tank top didn’t help. I started screaming and instead of taking the time to turn around and climb back down the ladder, I jumped. On the way down I hit my arm, scraped my hand and got this big ol splinter. Do you see the scrape below my splinter?

I ran out the door and slammed it shut behind me. I stood there for a little while totally freaked out and like OMG! I decided I was not going back in there until JP comes back in town and helps me. But then I realized that my cell phone was sitting in there on the shelf. I opened the door and ran as fast as I could to grab my phone. I didn’t take any time to look around so I have no idea what those little bastards where doing but I got the hell out of there. Then feeling defeated and walking back to the house I got an idea. I went out to garage and found this.

I went back outside opened up the pool house door, activated the bomb and threw it upstairs like it was a grenade. Then I closed the pool house door and thought Wasps: 0 Me: 1! On second thought the vacuum is still up there and I am totally to scared to go up so I guess it’s actually Wasps: 0.5 – Me: 1.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh poor girl, I don’t know if I would ever be able to go back in there, at least not alone until someone else checks for wasps. Are you going to have to wash the towels again??

  2. […] black hole. Last time I went upstairs in the pool house was on 11/10/2011 to read about it you can click here. I’d like to add that there have not been any bee or wasp nets in our pool house since back […]

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