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Kitchen Stuff
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When I saw Stephanie last week she brought me a present. I love love love surprise presents. It is very obvious that she reads my blog because look what she got me! If you remember back in July I put these on my wish list.

The packaging they came in has the funniest description. The frog packaging says “Follow your animal instincts in the kitchen… put on one of these pot holders before touching anything hot! Their mega mouths will protect you from burns and put a smile on your face while they’re at it!” And the Pac-Man says “In the game of life, it’s best not to get burned. Pac-Man® knows just how to get out of headed situations – he’s been doing it since 1980! Our playful silicone version fits on your hand like a puppet, where his chomping mouth can resist temperatures up to 450°F. After so many years of gobbling ghosts, handling your hot pots and pans is no problem. You win!”. You can order both at www.fredandfriends.com

When the kids and I were walking around Pike Place Market last week I bought these.

I always have my eyes out for good kitchen towels and believe me when I say that they are not easy to come by in San Antonio, TX. Check out these amazing towels that I found! There was a tag on them with this ETSY address. What a cool name “Sally by the sea”. Now I kinda wanna order the napkins. The towels are so soft and amazing I am almost scared to use them!

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  1. Sally says:

    Wow, thanks for buying my towels. If you ever need anymore or want to look at different styles,
    I would love to send you more pictures.
    Thanks, again

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