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Exploratory Riders
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Lily had a 1/2 day of school today so at 11:45 I was sitting at the school waiting to pick her up and wondering what we should do today. All of the sudden it came to me… we are going on a bike ride. Not just any ride, we are gonna go off roading.

We pushed the bikes from the garage around the side of the house and into the backyard. If you go into the backyard there is an hidden gate in the fence on the north side of our property line.

Behind that there are some pretty thick woods.

Then once you go far enough you end up at the power lines. When we started out our goal was to bike to the top of the highest hill that we could see so that we can find out what is on the other side. The first part is super easy because it is all down hill.

See that hill behind her? That is where we started our adventure at.

We took a few water breaks.

As we approached the final highest hill Lily said she wanted to turn around. I tried to convince her that we needed to go up that final hill but she was adamant about turning around. We went a little futher and we saw a gap to a neighborhood on our left. Our neighborhood consists of 5 or 6 different gated areas. I knew since we didn’t hit any intersections that the neighborhood had to be one of the other 5 gates in our neighborhood.

Yup, I was right we were in the neighborhood like 3 gates down from ours.

Round trip it took us about one hour. Lily is a lot better on that bike than I thought she would be. Next week I am totally going to head out alone and finding out what you can see from the top of the highest hill.



2 Comments to “Exploratory Riders”

  1. Daisy says:

    Please note that 2 people asked me where our helmets are. Next time I swear we will be wearing them. I never even considered it until I was asked.

  2. Rich says:

    Wear those helmets. When I lived in Carpentersville a little girl died from hitting her head on a curb when she was startled by a school bus. Also your nephew broke his helmet crashing his bike on a curb. He was sure he was in trouble but I gladly bought him a new one.

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