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Dinner At Salty’s
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I was lucky enough to have Suzi take Lily for the evening so we could go out for a nice dinner without worry. The timing was perfect because as she came to get the kids Stephanie had gotten off of work a block away. We went and had a few happy hour drinks and waited for JP to get done working for the night. Then we headed across the water to Salty’s on Alki.

Remember those Nutcrackers we found on our first day here? It turns out that they were auctioned off a few years ago and the ones we saw in Pacific Place are owned by that building. Well today I found out that Salty’s also bought a bunch of them. They had at least 10 or so all around the restaurant. This is the first one I saw.

Stephanie’s checking out the menu trying to find something without seafood in it.

Me and JP started with oysters. I love love love oysters on the half shell!

Then my entree was Dungeness Crab. Soooo delicious!

As we were almost done eating my brother James showed up to have a drink with us. Stephanie and James say CHEESE.

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I am fascinated by statues. There are tons and tons of stuff in this restaurant to pose with.

This nutcracker moved its head and hands.

And this one is painted so pretty.

I have a bunch more nutcracker pictures but I will spare you for now. I did however pose with this lobster!

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  1. Rich says:

    Salty’s has a very nice brunch.

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