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Christmas Lights
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I learned a long time ago that it is hard to photograph Christmas lights. Then I learned last month in my photography class why it is so hard to photograph Christmas lights. Then I learned how to make them look better with a better camera… then we no longer had said camera that would make the Christmas lights look better in pictures. UGH!

I didn’t plan on posting any pictures until I was completely done but today I decided that we are done even if we did have plans to put more up.

This is our house from the street without the flash off.

And this is it with a flash… doesn’t really make that huge of a difference other than being able to see the green-ish/yellow-ish grass a little bit.

I was planning on putting more red/white lights on the trees on the right… but then I changed my mind. Maybe next year? That will give me more time to find the kind of bulbs that I originally wanted to get.

The bushes on the right look pretty cool and festive! After looking at the picture I realized I should have used two more strands and covered those other two little bushes.

And I love love love the lights that go up the railings.

This is what you would see if you were walking up to our front door.

And what it looks like if you take a few steps back from the front door.

All in all I am pretty happy with it considering it was just me and my friend that put them all up. Next year no matter what JP will be out there on a ladder hanging them higher and better than we did!!


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  1. JP says:

    Higher, maybe, but not better!

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