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We’ve Been BOO-ed
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After a busy day of doing fun Halloween stuff today Lily and I relaxed in my bed and watched tv until it was time to pick up JP from the airport. I have learned a lot about picking people up from the airport but mostly that lately almost every flight gets in a little bit early. JP wasn’t scheduled to land until 11:55 pm which meant we should be picking him up curbside around 12:10 am or so.. right? Well I put on the tv and set my alarm for 10:55 pm so we would have enough time to get ready, go to the grocery store for whipped cream, drive the 15 mintues to the airport and pick him up curbside.

As I expected I fell asleep so when the alarm went off I called the airline to check the flight status. The hotline informed me that the flight was now going to land at 11:25 pm. Oh no! I sprung out of bed and told Lily to put her shoes on. When we walked out the front door this was sitting on our doorstep.

The directions said to fill up 2 buckets and leave them on someone elses doorstep to spread Halloween cheer. I have never seen anything like this and I said something about it being like a chain letter. Lily asked what a chain letter was and I was stumped… how do you describe that to a 9 year old?

After we picked up JP from the airport and told him about the bucket he also said it was kinda like a chain letter. I think its funny that we both called it the same thing. We don’t really know that many people in our neighborhood but we do have a ridiculous amount of Halloween decorations out in the yard so I have no idea who put it out there.

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