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Sugar Cookie Dough

When I was a kid my mom made a ridiculous amount of cookies for the holidays. My favorite cookies where the sugar cookies that she made for Halloween. I also remember that she would make the cookie dough the night before. I totally used the recipe from my mom’s cookbook.

I set everything out and had Lily add it to the bowl per the directions.

The first thing to go in the mixing bowl was the sugar.

And the 4 sticks of butter. Yes, I just said 4 sticks of butter.

Then we added the eggs and flavorings.

Then came the dry ingredients.

I hate adding flour to the mixer because I always make a mess. We added 5 cups of flour to the bowl and we were ready to turn the mixer on. I knew what was going to happen so I told Lily we need to start on the lowest speed and I also covered the mixer with a kitchen towel. But it never fails we still couldn’t keep all of the flour in the bowl. Does anyone have any tips for me on this topic?

Once it was done mixing I scraped down the sides and the beater. Lily was salivating because she knows what comes next.

I believe this is every kids favorite part!

Tomorrow we are making cookies!!

To this day Lily is still a little bit scared of the mixer when it is turned on and I can’t say that I blame her. If you don’t know about Lily’s big Kitchen Aid nightmare be sure to ask me sometime.


3 Comments to “Sugar Cookie Dough”

  1. Valisatie says:

    Hi! This is Corey’s sister and I have a tip for you on the flour. When you add it to the mixer, only add about a cup at a time. You will still get some that likes to come out, but not nearly as much. Enjoy the cookies – the sugar ones are my favorite, too!

  2. Vanessa says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the second picture is “Why is Lily’s Hair not pulled up!”. I have told the mixer story to my girls and now they are afraid to get to close when it goes on. How about the buying attachment mom use to have? I always think about that cover thing when dumping ingrediants in.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Lol. I was totally thinking about Lily’s hair as I was reading this too.

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