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Pumpkin Seeds
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I remember when I was a kid we would save some of the seeds from the pumpkins so we could bake them. I told Lily last night when she was carving pumpkins that we could do it but then we ran out of time. After she got home from school I had a couple projects for her and the pumpkin seeds were one of them.

All we needed was the seeds, olive oil and salt.

I had her pour oil all over them.

Then mix them up and pop them in the oven. The directions said 25 minutes but at 15 minutes I discovered that maybe they were in there for to long.

We took them out and salted them.

She told me that it reminded her of the time we made them at Papa Z’s house. I had completely forgotten about that. In 2007 my dad died a few days before Halloween so we were home for the funeral and one night we decided to carve pumpkins. Man this kid has a memory on her.

I found the directions online and will probably try to do them a little bit different next time. Unless anyone out in internet land has any other tips for us.

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  1. Paul says:

    We used to eat lots of pumpkin seeds huh?

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