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Life Is A Blur Sometimes
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The last few days have been so much fun and kind of a blur. Can you believe that I have not taken a single picture with my camera? On Sunday we dropped JP off at the airport and Angela and I have been on our own. Here are a few of my favorite pictures taken between Saturday 10/1 and Tuesday 10/4.

Selena, Angela and I.

What’s with the funny faces?

I saw this and I think it might be true!

JP and Angela say CHEESE! I love the height difference!

I really do love this girl.

Do you like my impressive wingspan?

Angela and I went on a bike ride and a few hours later ended up getting a ride back home in Erin’s Jeep.

Here is me and one of my favorite softballers Selena.


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  1. Selena belena says:

    I thought we agreed I was THE favorite softballer lol :p

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