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Food Network Was Here
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Angela had an errand to run today so I went with her. I told her that there was a place nearby that had a good burger joint inside of it so we should go there for lunch. When we got there we discovered that the burger place was no longer there. While we were sitting in the truck deciding what to eat I saw a sign for a place called Beto’s down the road. When I pulled into the driveway I saw this sign. I totally admit that I had to ask Angela was an empanada was.


When we walked in the door this was spray painted on the wall in the hallway.


This little card on was on each table. Today I programmed my dvr to record this episode for me but you know what’s funny? It is on at 9pm Central not 8pm.


I ordered a fish taco and an empanada. I had no idea it would be so much food. This plate is JUST the fish taco!


And this is the empanada.


All in all I would not say I am a huge empanada fan but the fish tacos were really good!

3 Comments to “Food Network Was Here”

  1. Vanessa says:

    The empanada looks a bit over cooked. What was in the filling? Or are they all made with the same filling? Hmmm maybe they would be better with a bunch of sour cream & gaucamole!

  2. Daisy says:

    I took that picture with my cell so I think it looks a little bit darker in the picture than it actually was. There are a bunch of filling choices but I had the shredded beef and potato. Ohh yeah lots of sour cream would probably have made it tastier.
    On a side note there is another place in SA that he had on his show that sells fish tacos to die for! It’s near downtown so maybe on Friday when we go to pick up Sarah we can eat them for lunch. They are SILLY good!

  3. Anonymous says:

    An empanada is like a pierogi…

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