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Time To Clean Lily’s Bedroom
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A big part of my week is spent cleaning our house and doing laundry. These are two jobs that are never truly done. They also happen to be two jobs that are my responsibility at home. Don’t get me wrong though cause I am certainly not complaining. I have however noticed that I get a lot more done when I am home alone than if JP or Lily are home. Today was one of those days, I kicked butt in Lily’s bedroom.

This is what it looked like when I first walked in (notice the nice big cup of tea that I made myself first?).

Her room is definitely not dirty it is just kinda messy. If I tell Lily to clean her room she does a pretty good job, but me being the control freak that I am I prefer to do it myself.

Here is what I brought upstairs with me to make sure the job gets done right: duster √, multi-surface cleaner √, a rag √, toilet cleaner √, dust buster √ and vacuum √.

The first thing I did was pick everything up and put it in its place. I find some strange things in her room. Lily likes to label things, I think she learned that from me. For example check out this bag of what I think is Barbie hair.

And check out this super cute note I found! I seriously think I must be the coolest Mom ever for her to even write this. Who wants to be in the dance off?

When I was cleaning off her dresser I took a picture of this picture to show you. This has been in the same frame since right after it was taken like 5 or so years ago. Lily has the best memories of my Dad and even though he is gone she talks about him often.

The next thing I decided was that I need to hang curtains in her bedroom. More about that later but I want you to see what it looks like without curtains.

Next up is a project I have put off for a few months. Check out these super cute frames that I found at Hobby Lobby.

You can’t see it very well but I paid $2.49 each for them. Yes, $2.49!!

When I got out my tape measure and level to figure out where to put the nails I got very confused. I knew where I wanted the L and where I wanted the Y, I just needed to figure out where the I and L go. I didn’t want to eyeball it so I needed to figure out exactly where the other two go. In my mind I said I had 54″ so if I divided that by 4 each nail should be 13.5″ apart, right? Well measured it out and put the pencil lines on the wall I discovered that I had 5 marks on the wall… what the hell? I did the math again, 54″ divided by 4 = 13.5″…. something is wrong. I just happened to be texting with my little brother Pauly at the time and I texted him with something like “I’m struggling with simple math right now. Can you help me? I have 4 pictures that need to be evenly spaced. The total length between nail 1 and 4 is 54″. Where does each nail in inches need to be?” his answer was “18 inches I think”. I measured it out and sure enough… he was right. I still to this moment don’t know why… I mean I truly don’t think I am an idiot but this one just stumps me. Here is what they looked like once I finally got them up. I love it!

The master bedroom in our house is downstairs but upstairs Lily’s room is kinda like a second master bedroom. She has a big closet and a private bathroom in her room. As I was cleaning it I was thinking back over the last year that we have lived here. I am about 99% sure that no one has ever taken a shower or bath in this bathroom.

And the room is clean at last! Check out the curtains, don’t they look great? I also moved her bulletin to a different spot. Did you notice the painting that I put in its place?

The painting says “There are lives that I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter and noise”.

I love the sense of accomplishment I get from a job well done!

4 Comments to “Time To Clean Lily’s Bedroom”

  1. Beth Knox says:

    Ur such a good Momma, and you should feel proud! Lily is very lucky young lady!! OOXX!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Love that picture of dad & Lily. When I first saw it though, I thought of you saying how much you hate when people take a picture of a picture. The room looks great!

  3. Rich says:

    You need to divide by 3 because you need to know the distance between the nails. 4 nails need 3 spaces.

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