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The Party Is Not Over Yet
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My eyes popped open at about 8:30 this morning. I layed there listening but I didn’t hear the kids. My first thought that they were still asleep… yeah right. I went upstairs and found them quietly playing Barbie dolls. I told them to get dressed because it was pinata time! Lily was totally ready and wanted to carry it outside.

Then JP tied it and put it on the best tree.

Lily got the first few whacks.

Then it was Adeline’s turn.

Remember I told you about learning a lesson about pinata’s with long necks? It didn’t take very many whacks before the body fell off.

Since Cameron didn’t even get a turn yet JP decided that we should just tie the body part back up.

Introducing the headless flamingo!

Cameron got in a few whacks before it broke.

Everyone scrambled to grab as much candy as possible.

There was plenty to go around.

I love this picture. JP said it reminds him of a 60’s album cover.

Our next plan was to head to the bowling alley for a pizza & bowling party. Here is Lily throwing the first ball.

And then Cameron.

Even JP and I got in on the action.

My sweet sweet girls!

While we were playing out first game they brought out the pizza and pop. The girls scarfed it down.

Here is the final score of our first game. L = Lily, BP = Big Pink Adaline, C = Cameron, D = Daisy & J = JP.

Me and my girls!

After we got home we went for a quick swim and then everyones parents showed up. After the kids were gone I started to clean up. I wasn’t really sure what to do with all of those balloons so I gathered them up and asked Lily if she wanted to let them go. She looked at the ceiling and said “Won’t they hit the ceiling fan”. I said “Uhhhh… I meant let them go outside”. Her eyes got super big and she was all over it!

There they go!

Goodbye balloons!

I think that was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend for Lily’s Birthday!!

3 Comments to “The Party Is Not Over Yet”

  1. Barb C says:

    What are you doing in January? Barbie theme, please!

  2. Daisy says:

    I totally forgot about this til just now. When I told the girls it was piñata time Adeline said “This is a Mexican party?”!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Adeline said that Cameron said that, not her.

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