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Songs About Rain
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The nights here in South Texas are starting to cool down. It has been dropping into the 70’s *gasp* at night. This morning while Lily was getting ready I walked outside to check the temperature. It was kinda balmy and like 75 or so degrees. About 10 mintues later I told Lily it was time to leave for school. She doesn’t like to take my car to school because there isn’t really enough room at her feet for her backpack. I told her we are taking the car and that’s final. She headed out to the garage and pushed the garage door opener button. Even though I was still in the kitchen I could hear her screaming something at me. I walked out there and she said “Look Mom, it’s raining cats and dogs”. I said “Ok we can take the truck because I just washed my car a couple days ago”. Once we were about half way to school the rain was gone… everything was completely dry. It might have been about 5 or 10 minutes of rain but I’ll take it! After I dropped her off and headed back home I could see the big scary dark clouds in front of me. I got about half way home and I drove right back into the rain. It took me like 30 minutes to get home because of traffic due to the weather and I saw at least 3 car accidents. I also counted 3 fire trucks with their lights on and 4 ambulances. Texas people just don’t know how to drive in the rain. When I got home it was pouring down so I got undressed, grabbed my camera and headed out to the backyard to get some pictures. As I was walking outside I started thinking about songs about rain. I would say my favorite rain song is “Songs About Rain” by Gary Allan if you wanna hear it CLICK HERE.

Rain is not an easy thing to photograph but you can see it hitting the pool water. One of my jobs today was going to be to put the hose in the pool because it needs it but mother nature took care of that for me!

I got soaking wet and I am totally ok with it.

I love this down pour! Hopefully it will help out the brown spots in our yard.

Our house is kinda up on a hill so when the water hits the ground it flows down to the left. Check out how fast it is running across my hand.

See I can do the same trick with my feet. That is not a puddle I am in it is the water rushing down the hill.

It is even raining in the front yard!


As I was snapping this picture it reminded me of the way ice looks on trees (even though it’s like 75 degrees outside).

The rain only lasted like 2.5 hours but the yard, plants and pool totally benefited from it. This is the first good rain we have had all summer. I can remember 2 other times it rained but it was only for a couple minutes and not very hard.





7 Comments to “Songs About Rain”

  1. Barb C says:

    Um… you said “undressed”… were you naked?

  2. Daisy says:

    Very observant Barbie! I was wondering if anyone would catch that. Afterall who wants to get their clothing wet?

  3. JP says:

    Here is another good song about rain:


    Favorite lyric:

    “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky”

  4. Ann says:

    What great pictures! I’m glad you got some much-needed rain! We had a 5 minute rain storm here in Florida, too. Only it stopped and that was it! Our yard is starting to get crackly…

  5. Rich says:

    You sound like the people in Carlsbad NM when the thunderstorm hit. We where eating barbeque and it started to rain. Some people ran out of the restaurant to stand in the rain. The waitress said it had not rained there since early October 2010 and we where there in Jun 2011.

  6. Beth Knox says:

    Next time it rains like that, take a shower in the rain! Lots of fun if you have the privacy!! And great song JP!!

  7. Daisy says:

    We rented a condo down on South Padre Island one time and it had a shower on the side of the house. I loved it!

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