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San Francisco or Bust!
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I had a early morning flight to meet JP out in San Francisco, CA for a couple days. As you know there are barely any direct flights to anywhere from San Antonio so I had to lay-over in Las Vegas, NV. Everything was going well until about 10 minutes before we were suppose to board. They announced that we had a one hour delay due to fog in San Francisco. After the delay they boarded us and told us that if we were not cleared for take off within 30 mins we would have to deplane. I waited and waited. Then the pilot said that we were gonna pull away from the gate and go park closer to the runway. About two hours later than planned we were finally in the sky!

If I can get it I always like the window seat on the plane. Check out what it looks like as you fly into the San Francisco Bay.

As soon as I landed JP was waiting for me in the rental car outside and we were ready for a day of adventure.

Our plan for the day was to hang out in downtown San Francisco and see some sites. First we went down to the embarcadero and drove past all of the different piers on our way to the famed Pier 39 aka Fishermans Wharf. I was starving so we went into a restaurant that looked like a big fishing boat named The Franciscan. I put my bib on and I was ready!

We ordered a half dozen oysters and they were the tastiest things I have ever tasted! I told JP that I am forever ruined by those oysters because they tasted better than anything we have ever had in Texas. We also ordered roasted dungeness crab. Before today we had never had roasted crab but it was soooo good!

After lunch we headed to Pier 39. Hello San Francisco!

There were tons of people down on the pier and lots of touristy stores.

We stopped into another place for a drink and I discovered that I like something I thought I never would like. The worlds best drink is called Pucker Up it has Gin, Fresh Grape Fruit & Lemon Juices and Peychauds bitters on the rocks with Fresh Basil. It is truly heaven in a glass!

The bar that we were in is directly across from Alcatraz. We didn’t go over there but it was still pretty cool to see it.

JP and me say CHEESE!

Afterward we went for a walk to go see the Sealions. Sooo many of them. I told JP it was like being at SeaWorld, only better.

At this point the 65° outside felt really cold to me so we stopped at one of the shops and bought super touristy sweatshirts and headed to Ghirardelli Square.

I pretended to drive around in this car.

We had sooo much fun! We are totally dressed as tourists now.

You know how much I love to pose!

After a couple more drinks we headed to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square. Check out the bellhop!




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  1. CoreyJo says:

    I loved SF when we lived out in CA. I miss CA so much.

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