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No Softball? Let’s Play Video Games!!

Remember that rain that I told you about on Friday? Well it also happened on Saturday in other parts of town… maybe not at our house but definitely in San Antonio. This past Friday Selena went with me to pick up the t-shirts for our new softball season that was starting today. Our t-shirt this season are red! If you are in the San Antonio area come cheer us on sometime. Before this season our team name was “Not Them Again” when I went to sign us up this time I typed in “Not Them Again… Again”! It still makes me laugh. When we were at Tycoon Flats picking up the shirts I had Selena pose for this picture and I posted it to facebook and tagged in all of my team members. Check out the comments… we are a creative bunch.

If you click on the pictures they will get bigger. Check out what everyone wrote.

This morning I got a text telling me that games were canceled because the ground was so wet. The field that we play at is in a flood zone so when it rains the water doesn’t have anywhere to go and it just kinda pools. I was totally looking forward to playing but that is how it goes sometimes. I sent a text to a few people saying that just cause we can’t play softball doesn’t mean we can’t still play something.

Here is Jan doing the Thriller dance with the Michael Jackson game.

And Selena and Martin boxing against each other. Selena won 2 out of the 3 games they played.

Once we really starting playing a bunch of people went out to their cars to find a change of clothing. We are all some pretty competitive people and jeans are not the best thing to play in. Say CHEESE people!

A few of us went swimming and hot tubing after we were done playing and when I went outside to check on the hot tub a little lizard fell in the water. I rescued him and took him inside to tell Erin that I had a present for her. I guess a lizard boyfriend is better than no boyfriend at all!

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  1. Beth Knox says:

    Ok, I read every single post and you guys are hysterical!!! That was great!

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