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Let’s Talk About Me
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I didn’t take a picture of anything today except for one of a crazy looking bug that I saw on the ground at my friend Arie’s house.

I guess since I don’t have any other pictures to show you I will talk about what has been going on in my world.

  • Today I signed up through Community Education for a Photography class that starts in October. It is a 4 week class that teaches you all about your camera. I have taken lots of pictures in my life but I have no idea how to use half of the settings that are on my big fancy camera. I am not even sure what apeture means but I am so ready to learn! The class is offered on Monday nights from  6:00-8:00pm. I was hoping for a course during the day but no luck. Actually after looking through the entire book I didn’t find any interesting daytime classes. I plan on eventually taking a course about wine, cooking and cake decorating and when I do I will be sure to report. I kinda wish they had classes on gift wrapping because that is an area that I totally suck at. You know those people that can take wrapping paper and a bow and make it so pretty that you don’t want to open it? Well…. I am NOT one of those people. When I wrap a present it kinda looks like it was wrapped by a 10 year old and I am not kidding.
  • I do a lot of housework during the week and I love the results. I have come a long long way in regards to my housekeeping abilities. I clean windows, steam clean floors, vacuum, wash door frames, dust, clean the kitchen (like 2 or 3 times a day), do laundry, hang stuff up on the walls. I always thought my favorite thing was the feeling of accomplishment for a job well done… but it turns out that I actually like the feeling when someone notices what I did. I spent over an hour the other day cleaning the inside and outside of the big windows in the kitchen and both Lily and JP said something about it within the next 24 hours.
  • I spent a significant amount of time working on the guest bedroom last week. We have gone back and forth about what we want to do with that room. There have been lots of ideas tossed around but nothing ever happened with it. Actually before last week there wasn’t a single thing on any of the walls. I made an executive decision and last week it turned into a sports memorabilia room. I did lots of cool stuff up there. I even busted out the drill and put the drywall hooks (I think that’s what they are called) in by myself so that I could hang up display shelves! If you are a fan of the Mariners, Seahawks, Sonics, racecars, classic cars, NFL teams, etc you will love this room.
  • Most of you know that JP took a new job a few months ago. He travels a lot but when he is not traveling he works from home. He goes upstairs in his office and doesn’t come out for hours on end. I usually take a tray upstairs with his breakfast and his lunch, but I make him come down for dinner. I truly enjoy cooking these meals and bringing them up to him. When I go up there 95% of the time he is on a phone call but he always smiles when he sees me and always says thank you.  I must say that I have gotten very good at making warm sandwiches!
  • While I am on that topic JP is going to Palo Alto, CA on Sunday for 11 days. Yes, 11 days!! If you want me to keep my sanity please email me, text me, call me, meet me for lunch, meet me for dinner, work out with me, play softball with me, for the love of god do something with me to help pass the time. I might however go visit him on the 24th for the last few days of his trip. On the days that he isn’t here and Lily isn’t here I get kinda lonely. There are some people who are totally ok with being alone for long periods of time but I am not one of them. If I don’t force myself to get out of bed, I won’t. A couple times in the past I have talked to JP on the phone while he is gone and when he asks me what I did that day I say “absolutely nothing”. In my bedroom I have a laptop, a cell phone and a television that has pretty much every channel you can imagine. I can waste an entire day in bed and only get out of bed to eat or go to the bathroom…. not sure if that is something I should be proud of.
  • Lily is very active. She has gymnastics, volleyball (2x’s a week) and she is in a drama class on Friday’s at 4:00pm. Her dad told me I should look into putting her in Girl Scouts and I completely shot him down. Maybe I should feel bad about it… but I don’t. I think it is just to much for her.
  • I finally started working out again! Softball a couple times a week isn’t cutting it. I have been very good about going and I am planning to keep it up. I have goals in my head but I am not ready to talk about them out loud yet.
  • I had a softball game at Time Warner Park on Tuesday but it was cancelled because the other team didn’t show up. Not to long after it was canceled I got a text from a friend who plays on another team at a different park and I filled in for them that night, it was a lot of fun. I am filling in on another team on Friday night and a new season starts with my original team on Sunday. So this week if you count Friday I will have showed up for 4 games and played in 3 games!
  • My  friend Angela is coming to visit San Antonio the first weekend in October. I haven’t seen her since I drove with her to Florida back in March. She is one of those friends that no matter how long it has been since I talked to her it still feels like yesterday when we get back in touch again. I was suppose to be in Boston, MA that weekend but because she is here I am canceling that trip idea.
  • My sister Vanessa and her bestie Sarah are coming to San Antonio to visit the 3rd weekend of October. I was told today about a trip to Washington D.C. for that same weekend… but I also have to cancel that trip idea. Dang… I must really like these people! JP travels a lot and there will be many more opportunities so I don’t really mind to much.
  • We have been talking for the last few months about what to do about Christmas cards this year. I usually sent store bought cards with one of Lily’s school pictures in them but this year it will be better. We have been tossing around ideas and I think I came up with the best idea yet. There might even be a professional photographer involved! If you are not on my Christmas card mailing list be sure to let me know because this year it will truly make you smile.
  • A couple weeks ago my little brother sent me a text telling me that he mailed out a birthday present for Lily. Everytime I checked the mail for the next week there was never anything from him. I finally decided to send him a text to let him know. After texting back and forth I learned that he mailed it to our old address. I felt bad at first that I never updated my address with him but then I realized that his wedding invitation made it to my correct address. He told me he tracked it online and it was indeed delivered to the old address. Feeling quite brave that afternoon after picking Lily up from school we headed to our old address. When we pulled up there was a kid playing in the driveway and a guy standing in the garage. I told him who I was and he said “Yeah I got it, but I opened it”.  I was like “Uhh that’s ok…. can I have it”. He kinda laughed and said “Sure, it’s right here”. Then he handed me an unopened box. I thanked him and told him that he made my day. I also left my phone number just incase this ever happens again. If you are reading this and ever plan on sending me anything in the mail please double check the address. We do not live on Wolf Creek anymore.
  • Today when I picked up Lily from school she was SUPER hyper. It was like someone gave her like 20 shots of sugar directly to her system. She talked the entire way from the school to the grocery store (which is like 10 miles) without even taking a breath. I didn’t have my purse with me, just my keys and my wristlet. When we got the cart and started going through the grocery store I set my wristlet and my keys on the front of the cart and Lily asked if she could push it. About 15-20 minutes later as we were standing in line about to pay when I realized that the car keys were gone. OMG! Yes, I lost the keys somewhere in the grocery store. Lily and I re-traced our steps 2 times with no luck. I went to the customer service counter and no one had turned them in. My only thought was that I needed to get home and get the other set of keys. I paid for our groceries and left my phone number with customer services. I was on the phone with a taxi company when all of the sudden an HEB employee tapped me on the shoulder and handed me the car keys. I thanked him like crazy and we were on our way.
  • I am pretty bored with all of the game on my iPhone except for Words With Friends. For those of you that don’t know Words With Friends is like Scrabble and you compete against other people who also have the app on their phone. Right now I have a total of 9 different people I am playing against. Nothing drives me crazier than someone who only plays a word every few days. Right now I am playing against someone who hasn’t played a word in 5 days. Of the people that I am playing against the furthest person lives in Hawaii. If you have an iPhone please let me know what apps you love cause I am pretty bored with most of mine.
  • I am starting to get bored with Facebook again. For the most part most people are pretty annoying. More than a few times I have hit the x in the corner of the screen to block myself from seeing certain people’s postings. Up until today I had no idea how to unblock someone. I have actually wanted to unblock certain people and I couldn’t. I have even asked people who have told me they can’t figure it out either. Perhaps I am an idiot but it took me until today to learn how to do it. Just incase you want to know : To add a person, Page or app you’ve hidden back to your News Feed:
    1. When you are on your Most Recent News Feed view, click “Most Recent” to expand a drop-down menu.
    2. Select “Edit Options.”
    3. A list of all people, Pages and apps you’ve hidden will appear in a pop-up box. Click “x” next to each one you’d like to remove from this list. Removing a profile from your “Hidden” list means posts from that person or Page can appear in your News Feed again.
    4. Click “Save.”

Now that I have told you pretty much everything about myself for the last 15 days or so… do you have any questions?

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  1. Beth Knox says:

    do u have my address?

  2. Daisy says:

    Yup! Beth I have it in my phone!

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