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Gymnastics, Kickball & Orange Leaf
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Did you know that Lily has been taking gymnastics for over 2 years? I have never talked about it on here because I have never taken her there. She has been going on Mondays and she is always with her dad on that day. Well a few weeks ago when I got the email about volleyball I found out that practice was on Mondays and games are on Saturdays. Can you see the problem? I made a few phone calls trying to get her on a different team but had no luck. Finally I talked to her dad about it and he agreed to take her to volleyball practice on Mondays and I would take her to gymnastics on Wednesdays. Problem solved! Today was the first time I took her and she was so excited. Doesn’t she look adorable in her leotard?

Before we went to gymnastics I asked her if she would mind going to a kickball game. I was asked to play with a team that needed a girl to fill in this week. Lily said “Yeah mom I’ll totally go to a kickball game”… “wait do I get to play”. I told her it was an adult game but she will be there right on the sidelines with us. I haven’t played kickball is almost a year since I played with The Ball Kickers on the San Antonio Parks & Recreation league. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share with you.

Earlier today when I was getting my nails painted I started talking to the lady sitting next to me. She told me that she owned a frozen yogurt store in The Vineyard which is a large upscale strip mall just down the road from our house. She told me that if we come in she will give us a discount. I told Lily about it on the way home and she begged to go. I am sure you can guess what we did next… yup, we headed to Orange Leaf. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was impressed when we walked in.

It was a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. They have like 10 or so machines and grab a bowl and fill it up with the flavor of your choice. Then you go to the topping bar and chose your topping. They have pretty much everything you can think of. When I was talking to the lady earlier today she told me about the popping boba things that kinda pop and spit out juice when you bite into them.

Lily loved this place and totally wants to go back again!




3 Comments to “Gymnastics, Kickball & Orange Leaf”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Where they good? I haven’t had froyo in a long time.

  2. Daisy says:

    I was like what the heck is froyo. I seriously went back and looked to see if I used the word.

    Yeah it was pretty good. We can go there when your here if you want. I got some 20% off coupons from the owner lady!

  3. Rich says:

    Joy and I had some vegetarian chicken wings while we where bourbon boozing in Louisville. The menu said they where made from setan but I could not find any on that beside it would make you homosexual if you ate it. Anyway the menu had a typo it was seitan a meat substitute made from wheat. Still don’t feel like a homosexual so that post on the internet must be wrong.

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