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Think Of It As Educational
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This morning the air conditioning guys showed up as promised. I guess we are gonna have to consider their $89 visit as educational. After they checked the units upstairs and outside, wanna know what they told me? The problem is the air conditioning/furnace air filters… the dirty dirty air filters. It seems like a crazy thing but when me and JP started talking about it we realized we haven’t changed the filters in like a year. As soon as they left I headed to Lowe’s and bought the four filters that we needed. When I got home I opened up the thing that houses the filter, removed the old one, brushed away all the excess dust and installed the new one. How often do other people change their filters? It is something that we had totally overlooked until now. After todays lesson I have it on the calendar in the kitchen to change the filters again in 2 months! Here is a picture of one of the filters that needs to go in to the duct that I have open.

In other news remember that blue bird that I told you about? I see him hanging out in my backyard but I can’t get a picture of him? Today I was in the kitchen and I heard a loud bird call. I looked outside and guess who was back? I was able to grab my camera in time to catch him in the tree.

He is not a pretty sounding bird. When he chirps he kinda sounds like a crow, and he is very loud. As I was snapping the pictures of him in the tree he flew to the ground below the feeder and appeared to be eating seeds. I don’t think he is the same one as yesterday though because he wasn’t as big. I did a little bit of Texas bird research and learned that he is not a Blue Jay he is instead a Mexican Jay. I hope I see him again!

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  1. CoreyJo says:

    Our theromostat tells us when to change the filters. It flashes an ‘F’ letting you know it’s time.

    Cute bird..

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