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The Wedding – Pauly & Katie Z

The whole reason we were all together these past few days is because of Pauly and Katie. For those of you that don’t know Pauly is my youngest brother, the youngest of 10 siblings. It is kinda weird to think that I won’t ever be going to any more of my siblings weddings, because everyone has already been married. My brother Rich told me that he doesn’t feel pressured to attend 2nd weddings if there are any.

Here is Pauly and Katie coming out of the church.

And walking into the reception hall.

The wedding party.

Their first dance was to “If I Were A Carpenter” by Johnny and June Carter Cash.

This is to cute not to share. Evidently Sofia was super thirsty!

The cake was beautiful.

Let them eat cake!

I could barely hear what Tangerine was saying but she was saying something about him needing to get some cake.

Stevie is growing up so fast and so handsome!

Vanessa and Chris cutting a rug.

This picture cracks me up because I totally planned on giving Joey bunny ears but Erica ruined the picture.

Me and my brother James… and Vanessa and Zerah.

Here is Pauly during the dance off.

I think everyone had a great time.

See those smiles?

Me and my sisters!

Congratulations to Pauly and Katie Z!!


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  1. Erica says:

    Spell check Aunt Rose, made the picture better! Not ruined it!

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