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The Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox
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My favorite place to be in the entire world is at home. Sure I like to go places and see things but I also really like to be home. Sometimes I like to relax and lay in bed and do absolutely nothing. But most of the time I like to keep myself busy doing stuff to make our house an even better place to be. Like everyone else there are things around our house that we are gonna do we just haven’t found the time yet (I will spare you from having to hear the entire list). I have told you guys before that JP loves The Beatles and we have a Yellow Submarine Jukebox in our living room. When we moved to this house over a year ago we took the cd’s out of the jukebox and they never made it back inside. People have came to our house and asked if the jukebox works and I always have to say “Yes, it works but there are no cd’s in it”. This past weekend JP asked me if I knew were we put the cd’s that came out of it. I said “Uhhh I think so, hold on”. I came back with a large stack of cd’s that I assumed where the correct ones because they were not in a jewel case. The first 15 cd’s in the jukebox are all The Beatles so those are the first 15 that he put in. After that he put in a few Beach Boys cd’s and then he quit. Today I decided to finsh what he started so we can start using the jukebox.

I decided the easiest thing to do was lay out all of the cd’s on the floor.

The hardest part is matching the correct cd with the correct slot. The slots are very small so when you put the cd in y0u have to be very careful that the back and front slot match and the cd is perfectly straight. The cd’s also have to match the pre-printed cards that are already in the jukebox.

This is what it looks like with only about 20 cd’s in it.

After about 20 cd’s I finally got smart and layed them out on the floor in alphabetical order. I totally should have done that to start with.

It took me a little over an hour but I finally had all of the CD’s in. We are missing like 5 CD’s from the list so if your planning on listening to Presidents of The United States of America on our jukebox you are out of luck.

If you use the remote you can pick other settings (like random, favorites, etc) instead of punching in each song number by number.

Sometime I am going to change out some of the music in there but for now I just went with what was already on the cards.


I learned from JP the other day if you type in the cd number and 00 it will play the whole album. So what did I pick first? CD number 2400 which is Jimmy Buffet’s CD – Songs You Know By Heart!


3 Comments to “The Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox”

  1. Sarah S. says:

    That is one bad ass jukebox!

  2. jerry says:

    I would like to invite you to register your Yellow Submarine jukebox on my site. I am creating a list of where the 100 jukeboxes reside.


  3. Daisy says:

    Absolutely! I’ll send you an email!

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