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Say No To Crack

As promised our favorite plumbers from A-Tex Plumbing showed up today . I wasn’t actually home when they first got there but when I pulled up at home this is what I saw. It was 100°+ outside so I guess this was the best they could do to get some shade out there.

When I first walked up they hadn’t even found the water line yet but they did find water when they dug so they knew they were getting close.

This is what the yard looked like about 6 hours later.

I was standing there talking to them and they said that the absolute worse thing would be if the leak ends up being beyond the sidewalk and under the house. I asked them if it was wet beyond the sidewalk and they said they hadn’t tested over there yet. We walked over there and they said the soil was indeed damp which is not a good sign. Then I pointed to some greenery that was next to the front stairs and I told them that that plant has never been there before and it appeared in the last few months or so. They all looked at each other and then at me. Then I walked inside and let them do their thing.


The next time I came outside they had this hole. See that big ol rock they pulled out of the hole? They believe it was a combination of that rock and that skinny tree that caused all of this.

That skinny tree is not as small as it looks though. Check out this picture from earlier this week. See the two tall trees I have arrows toward? The one on the left is the culprit.

Here is the coupling that they pulled out. Do you see the crack? It is amazing that a crack that looks so small can shoot out so much water!

The tree was sitting partly on top of that big rock that was sitting on top of the pipe that feeds cold water into our house. It sounds crazy but we think it is possible that the leak started about a year ago on 9/7/10 and has just gotten worse with time. Back on 9/7/10 I blogged about Hurricane turned Tropical Storm Hermaine that blew through. I showed you some damage around the yard but I didn’t mention the tall tree by the front door that was leaning way further than it should be. I went back into my archives and picture from August show the tree standing straight up then in October there are pictures that show it leaning.

The thing that amazed me most about this whole thing is how much stuff is buried under the topsoil. The earth around here is mostly large and small rocks with a little bit of dirt around them, which makes it hard to dig in. When the dug right up next to the house they pulled out that big ol rock and they also pulled out bricks, installation, drywall parts, and even a moutain dew can. Everything in the picture below was pulled out of that hole except for the cardboard.

They left around 8:00pm after fixing the leak and promised to come back in the morning to take care of the holes. Around 4:00pm the guy said to you “You must be glad we charge by the job and not by the hour”. Amen to that!

I took this last picture right before climbing into bed. This is that tree that we thought for awhile we would have to sacrific today. They recommended that we leave him tied up for awhile until the ground fully dries up.


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  1. marlene says:

    WOW!! We had the same thing on the South side of the house. The planting area outside the front window, Bob dug down and found all kind of crap that they had thrown in there for filler. Never trust a builder!!! Marlene

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